The ZOC generally meets on the first Wednesday of each month at a local restaurant. The meetings are casual, including speakers of relevant topics on local youth and include dinner. Friendships are formed and contacts are made from the wide range of knowledge and experiences of our members.
Our club appreciates the dedication of our members and understands time is valuable. Your commitment with the club can be as little or as much as you want it to be. But please know through our efforts and actions, we do make a difference in our community.
The ZOC enjoys our social time together, and look forward to meeting people throughout our community in the support of youth. Please consider joining us the first Wednesday of next month. Have dinner on us and enjoy learning more about the Zionsville Optimist Club.
For additional information, contact us at [email protected]

Our current list of 2020 members include:

Bob Donaldson
Bob Donnelly
Forrest Ellis, MD
Cara Faussett

Mindi Fox
Russ Frankel
Christy Gregory
Bruce Griebel
Jim Haines, OD
Melvin Hollingsworth

Jeff irwin
David Means
Elaine Morrison
Tim Ottinger
Coralie Palmer
Tracy Phillips
Bob Potts
Peggy Rohrman
Burton Rolland
Chris Romas, DDS

Cindy Russell
Mark Stevens
Mark Tasch
Mark Thornburg
John Zuske

Honorary Member: Eric Arthur